Why HOTWORX Has the Best Gym in Southlake

Why HOTWORX Has the Best Gym in Southlake

If you haven’t had a chance to stick to a good workout routine that fits seamlessly into your life, look no further than the best gym in Southlake at the Village at Timarron. A bustling center filled with a variety of shops and businesses where you can do everything from banking to getting a haircut, Village At Timarron is home to HOTWORX.  Stop by today to find your perfect workout in Southlake at Village at Timarron:

Discover the Best Gym in Southlake

How are so many people getting more energy, feeling amazing and looking more vibrantly youthful just by visiting a single spot in Southlake? Featuring cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art fitness technology, HOTWORX is what many consider to be the best gym in Southlake. Members get to enjoy a fully equipped, health-focused setting that pampers them with treatments like infrared heat absorption, isometric workouts and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. 

Enjoy the Experience 

It’s pretty hard to go back to an “ordinary” gym once you’ve experienced infrared heat absorbing into your body while isometric postures prompt intense detoxification with every muscle contraction. The benefit is a more powerful workout with a shorter recovery. HOTWORX members also enjoy access to traditional workout equipment like bands, weights and ropes.

Memorable Memberships

Gym members enjoy unrestricted and unlimited 24-hours access to virtually instructed infrared-sauna workouts. The roster of workout classes offered includes Hot Iso, Hot Pilates, Hot Yoga, Hot Buns, Hot Barre None, Hot Core, Hot Warrior, Hot Bands, Hot Cycle and Hot Blast. Never let life’s duties cause you to skip a gym visit again! As a perk, Adventure Kids offers a discount of 10 percent while you’re working out at this popular gym inside Village At Timarron. You’ll never want to skip the gym again once you discover this state-of-the art experience for the mind and body in Southlake!

Discover the best Gym in Southlake today at HOTWORX in the Village at Timarron! Looking for more ways to stay active in Southlake? Check out our directory today! 


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